How It Works

Creative fearlessness, technological innovation, and regulatory strength

Generating Outcomes

Different types of gambling generate results for players via different methods. It could be a roll of the dice, it could be a numbered ball drawn from a spinning hopper, it could be a computer-generated random number, or it could be the order of the horses crossing the finish line. “Class III” games like slots use random number generation. “Class II” games use bingo instead. GPN’s Gaming Platform uses live horse racing to generate outcomes for players.

Is That Hard to Do?

It’s easy – as long as you have more than 1,000 man-months, and a uniquely experienced team drawn from across the spectrum of the gaming industry led by the pioneers of online horse racing.

GPN is a proud member of the U.S. horse racing industry

  • American Horse Council studies show the horse industry contributes $50 billion in direct economic impact to the U.S. economy with an overall economic impact of $122 billion. 
  • The industry directly employs almost a million people in this country, contributing $38 billion in direct wages, salaries, and benefits, and has a ripple employment impact of nearly double that number.
  • GPN brings an entirely new audience into the sphere of U.S. horse racing. 
  • New revenues generated by GPN’s activities spread throughout the industry and all the people, businesses, local governments and charities it supports.


Game Play Network, Inc. is a licensed advance-deposit wagering hub (“ADW”) legally authorized to conduct Internet wagering in the United States on horse races running across the world. As an ADW, GPN operates under the Federal Interstate Horseracing Act and applicable state laws.

GPN has a master license in Oregon, which allows the company to operate in all states that allow online pari-mutuel wagering, but do not have their own licensing requirements. GPN also holds direct licenses in multiple states.

Additional pari-mutuel/legal result generation opportunities

As GPN expands into different countries around the world with different regulatory and licensing regimes, GPN’s Patented Reveal Technology can expand to allow additional legal result generation opportunities, such as pari-mutuel bicycle racing, speedboat racing or national lottery results. Our technology is flexible and powerful enough to adapt to different requirements in different markets around the world.